FAA Registration, Special Rule for Model Aircraft and AMA Safety Code

Information put together by Lew Marascalco

1.   Presently MVRC does not require its flying members to be registered with the FAA inline with the AMA position that AMA clubs are not required to police registration.   See Item 4. below for additional information.   However, this could change if park officials decide to make registration a requirement in the park rules.   

It is recommended that MVRC members who fly RC, register with the FAA for their own sake.   While it is low probability an RC flyer will be inspected by the FAA, to not be registered at that time could result in civil and/or criminal action.   Registration is required in order to fly legally after February 19.   For convenience, here is the link to the FAA site for registration.  



2.    The link below is to the current FAA document that is essentially their interpretation of Section 336, the Special Rule for Model Aircraft in the FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012.




3.   Section 336, the Special Rule for Model Aircraft in the FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012 is provided below.    This applies to model aircraft operated within the guidelines of a community based organization (AMA).


4.   The link below is to the latest AMA video reviewing FAA registration primarily as it applies to AMA RC clubs.  Essentially it says registration is an individual's responsibility and not a Club's responsibility to police whether or not members are registered.    Also reviewed is the popular topic of 400 foot altitude limit stated in FAA registration.   




5.   The AMA Safety Code is provided below.   As AMA members flying at an AMA sanctioned field, these are the applicable guidelines for our RC model operations.  Regarding the 400 foot altitude limit issue, the Safety Code (Section A.2(c)), limits altitude to approximately 400 feet if within 3 miles of an airport.  MVRC is approximately 3.37 miles from Rostraver Airport.   In addition, we have notified the airport, so flying above 400 feet is not foreseen as a problem, however other flight boundary limits such as not flying near the ball fields or over the boat marina are to be adhered to.



 6. The link below provides latest AMA information regarding FAA UAS Frequently Asked Questions. http://www.modelaircraft.org/aboutama/faa-uas-faq.aspx